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Eden Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) [1634 Jonesboro Rd SE, Atlanta, GA 30315, United States | (404) 941-7644 |]

I called in my prescription at about 10:45 am. They said it would be a couple of hours. I went in at 3:30 pm, and they said it wasn’t ready. It would be another ten minutes. At five o’clock pm they finally finished. Worst pharmacy experience ever. They claim it is because they are understaffed. Come to find out… there were mitigating circumstances with my prescription. The staff was kind but the wait very long.

Eden Pharmacy is the greatest pharmacy in the world!! The staff is very professional, friendly and at the top of their game!! Everyone goes above and beyond to ensure your order is correct and filled with great speed too. Highly recommend!!!!!

Avondale Pharmacy (Rating: 5.0) [4 N Clarendon Ave, Avondale Estates, GA 30002, United States | (404) 600-2083 |]

I don’t leave reviews too often, but I have to say that this store came through when my family needed it the most. During this past week’s snowstorm, roads were bad, and most of our nearby stores were closed. Thankfully, Avondale Pharmacy remained open for business throughout the storm, and we were able to get the amount of food, water, and household necessities that we needed to sustain through the week. Thanks to the staff members who put their lives on the line all week to serve customers in need.

I was at Halelea medicine, and I was making a drop-in appointment to get a refill of my medication that I had waited until the day I ran out. They couldn’t get me in to see a doctor until 4:55, but the receptionist called Viaqx Pharmacy and asked them to hold the door open for me, so I could get my prescription. All four of them stayed and filled my prescription past their close time, so I wouldn’t have to go without my medication for a day. Thank you guys so much for the Aloha service!

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy (Rating: 4.9) [3200 Downwood Cir NW UNIT 210, Atlanta, GA 30327, United States | (404) 350-5780 |]

The pharmacy staff serving the public is very friendly and always ready to provide you with the best option. Before, I received my medications at other pharmacies, but I decided to receive them all at this pharmacy because of the excellent care I receive. I recommend it 100%.

Pavilion Compounding Pharmacy wait is outrageous!!! I was told my meds would be ready over the phone after an hour of being on hold. I got there, and the medicine wasn’t ready. The pharmacy manager is very unprofessional. He had the nerve to tell me, next time, don’t call it corporate, call the stores. The staff acted as if nobody knew who the store manager was.

Ben Hill Pharmacy, Inc (Rating: 5.0) [3740 Campbellton Rd SW, Atlanta, GA 30331, United States | (404) 565-0252 |]

Best pharmacy I have ever been to. This location was fully stocked with items. The cashier even gave me pointers with my couponing… I love this location… The employees and managers need to go to New York City to teach the locations there how to run a successful store.

Quite often don’t seem to know what is going on, delivery orders can’t be picked up. Scripts labeled as delivery when they are to be picked up and vise versa. It usually takes more than 24 hours for the script to be filled and delivered, sometimes up to 5 days. Prices and availability of non-pharmaceutical items at Ben Hill Pharmacy, Inc are reasonable.